"Bludgeoning hard times with a rolling pin"

"Bludgeoning hard times with a rolling pin"

Friday, August 20, 2010

Kid stuff, with an adult vocabulary

Warning: Rant switch is *on*

It's happening everywhere:

Someone parks their cart in the middle of the grocery aisle so no one can pass;
Someone steals a turn at a stop sign;
Someone talks on a cell phone instead of addressing the cashier at the checkout;
Someone does not thank a waitperson while being served;
Someone does not return an informal good-will smile;
Someone parks in a no-parking area.

The list of offenses goes on, but you get the idea. People are so absorbed with their own lives, or their own self worth, or something…they simply will not acknowledge others.

It’s intriguing because most of the offenders are nicely dressed, otherwise seemingly successful people, yet they have not conquered that basic life skill—manners.

Perhaps they’ve bought into the reality TV trash attitude best summed up by a “celebrity” who recently said, “Yeah, I’m a _____ and I’m proud of it.” Isn’t that a lovely demeanor? Are we supposed to admire and emulate this woman as she gives no regard for others? Please.

Apparently she and those like her have been misled into thinking that the way to get ahead is to tromp on pesky “other people” because they have the nerve to exist. Others are the competition. Others are in the way. Others must be crushed.

I would tell that reality TV woman, “Oh, honey, that barbaric attitude is so history. Get with the now.”

Though countless marketing sources recite the “it’s all about you” mantra, it’s really not. We need to GROW UP.

Cooperation is the new competition. We must learn to get along, share and respect each other. If we cannot relate with civility to one another over the little things, how in the world are we going to relate to each other during the big things?

We mustn’t let the invasion of alpha-dogging poison our communities. Refuse to participate. If someone is wetting their pants to arrive first at the stop light, let them.

Smile. Wave. Open a door for someone. It’s difficult when friendly gestures aren’t returned, but we must pervade. Have patience, for "rudies" need to be shown the way.

This is a matter of extreme importance to society. I hope you’ll help.


  1. I try to smile and be as friendly as possible, especially to rude people. Reading this post reminded me of the verse in Romans 12:2o "...If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head." The world doesn't understand why I'm happy, because my joy comes from the Lord. However, it may make them curious and want to have what I have... :D
    My teenage generation is especially rude to our elders. Which is a terrible shame, since my generation is supposed to be instructed by them. The majority of teenagers don't want to talk to boring older people and the older generation doesn't want to talk to those little disrespectful jerks!
    I think we're already seeing the results of this. Instead of 13-19 yr. old girls learning how to bake, clean, can, sew and take care of a household, they know how to text, shop, and hang out. They don't have a clue about politics or religion! One girl that I recently talked to asked what the difference was between liberal and conservative. I tried to calmly explain the huge differences, but she was on her phone the whole time and wasn't listening! I was quite frustrated! Most don't care.
    A lot of people are stunned when they find out that I can cook and sew, among other things... A teacher was shocked as I told him that I do not have a cell phone and don't text, can't believe their ears when I say that I love living on the farm and I don't hang out with friends, that I don't really care about getting my license, I just love riding my horse, and amazed that I like talking about philosophy, theology and politics. We desperately need both generations to mix, because your generation has SO much knowledge to share!

  2. My generation, LOL. I wish I had paid way more attention to older relatives. I should have asked lots more questions! In recent history, there has been a huge gap in passing down useful skills. I'm not telling you anything you don't know. You are very insightful and wise--and much more mature than many in "my generation." You are walking the walk and finding that it is actually more satisfying than what everyone else tends to follow blindly. You have accomplished so much and tucked so many truly valuable skills under your belt. You should bottle and sell some of your energy and enthusiasm!