"Bludgeoning hard times with a rolling pin"

"Bludgeoning hard times with a rolling pin"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Well, h'aloe vera

I adopted her a couple months ago and named her Vera. She keeps me company whilst I cook and do dishes. She absolutely adores sunning in the kitchen window and is growing by the minute. (I refrain from saying she’s growing like a weed. She takes offense.)

Though she sacrifices limb and sap for her love of nursing, she is passionate about first aid. I might add…she’s also quite succulent.

You’ve probably guessed that my bff, Vera, is an aloe vera plant.

Vera is not high-maintenance at all. She spends her days sunbathing. I just take her a refreshing drink when her soil goes dry.

As a kid during the 70’s, I remember aloe vera commonly complimenting the d├ęcor of homes. Maybe it was a style thing, but aloe vera is such a practical home companion, it deserves a space in every household.

Aloe vera’s sap is said to be effective in treating wounds and can be used topically on burns as well. Wikipedia states that aloe vera has antibacterial and antifungal activities. It may even aid in fighting cancers in cats and dogs. Interesting.

Of course, her medicinal traits are probably challenged by skeptics. Whatever. Those people probably don’t even talk to their own plants.

What I know is that when someone has a boo-boo, Vera’s right there to lend a leaf of sap.

Maybe it’s mental, but Vera encourages me to nurture and heal naturally, like an earthy, hippy-momma. She takes me back to the land and keeps me in tune with nature.

Well, the nature on my windowsill, anyway.

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